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1. High thermal tolerance and can be therefore be autoalave processed at temperature higer than 200 ℃.

2. Available in a wide density range, from 24kg/m3 to 160kg/m3 meaning that diverse structural reqirements can be met.

3. High specific shear strength, especially compared to foam cores; making lighter weight constrution possible.

4. High toughness, especially compared to other honeycomb core materials, giving improved damage resistance.

5. Meets stringent smoke, toxicity and flammability standards.

6. Excellent creep and fatigue performance, and can be used in long-term, demanding applications.

7. High wet-strength, and performs wll in high moisture enviroments.

8. Ease of fabrication, reducing production costs.

9. Corrosion-resistant. This is especially important in applications where the core is in contact with a carbon fiberi reinforced facesheet, where there would be a galvanic potential with an aluminum core. It is also an advantage in cases where the core is exposed to moisture or other corrosive materials due to breakdown in the sealing system of the laminates.